About us:

Hybrid Mind was founded in December 2016. We have implemented www.priceagle.in and relevant mobile apps.

Our Core belief System:

We believe that the Indian e-commerce market has a lot of potentials and that this is just a beginning. We only need to tap these potentials. This can be achieved through proper synchronization of physical processes backed up by digital connectivity.

Visionary Founder:

Dr. Debasis Chatterji

" I once got a chance to visit the beautiful 'Ziro' in Arunachal Pradesh and to see how people shop/buy on-line in the Indian Hinterlands where English is not that prominent. Yes, they do know about the on-line market very well and a lot of them are interested in shopping on-line. However, as a lot of them don't know English much, all they understand about the product is what is shown in the image of the product posted there. Leave aside shopping by comparing prices smartly across different platforms, they don't even know much about what is mentioned in the product's description. Our intention is to make this useful information available to them. We believe that the Indian e-commerce has huge potential that can be tapped by addressing these small shortcomings properly."

Why should you work here?

We work like a football team,

passing the ball of knowledge every moment so that we learn from each other.
It is a knowledge center

though not at all like a boring book reading. It's great fun to work here!

Our Affiliations: